"​​Cultural Commons Asset Management for Cultural Common Wealth"

(This is a 'calling card' website whilst a fuller functioning website is under development)

About CultureBanking®

CultureBanking creates common wealth funds co-produced by people managing their Creative and Cultural Assets for common causes. It's not a 'brand' - it's a process anyone can initiate ...

I developed the idea when I started an art gallery for community benefit in Great Yarmouth in 2014...

To make shared wealth, I realised we needed a shared 'legal category of stewardship' for our cultural or creative assets .

By 'culturebanking' assets, you are saying "This is mine (or this is ours). It will bring (me/us) X% of the money it makes, but it will also bring X% to....."  (whatever you are 'banking' for).  

CultureBanking develops 'copyfair' (see Michel's description below) licensing tools and an understanding of how to use them.

Explanation of what 'Commons Oriented Peer Production' and 'Copyfair' licensing is by Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation:
So, working with groups to co-create safe, ethical and common categories of stewardship for diversely owned assets to interact with markets and realise financial value, Culturebanking® brings together a range of people:

As 'culture-bankers', technology developers, licensing and IP professionals, makers, 'creatives' (that's all of us by the way), and community asset stewards like the museums and library services can collaborate to co-design cultural commons.

See this link to one of our collaborators, Daniel Harris, who is developing the kind of tech needed to do this work:

Other current partners and/or collaborators include:

P2P Foundation, Voluntary Arts UK and Ireland, Kendraio, Norfolk Museums and Libraries Services, University of East Anglia, What Next?, 'Norwich Sharing City' (Sharing Cities Alliance), Norwich City Council, Coalition for Cultural Commons, European Commons Assembly, as well as a growing network of academics, entrepreneurs and associated companies.

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We also have an open collective account here for collaborators:

Liam Murphy
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For collaborators and those interested in P2P Foundation or Cultural Commons an evolving plan to discuss the formation of culturebanking has been set up here  

Our First Goal is to create mutual 'IP banks' or CultureBanks® of pooled creative assets for future growth and resources.

We are interested to hear from people working in these areas who would like to be involved in the creation of a citizens wealth fund from creative assets and will be running workshops to co-design tools to enable us to do this: If you'd like to sign up for one of these workshop, please use the link below: 

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